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Lebanon Turf Products 2015

Lebanon Turf Grass Seeds & MulchAt Lebanon Turf, they have but one obsession—creating the industry’s best turf care products. Just ask anyone who’s used them and you’ll see. But don't think for a moment that a few happy customers would satisfy them. They continue to develop the most cutting edge fertilizers, grass seed, combination, and control products you’ll find anywhere.

Winning Colors—Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Winning Colors grass seed is a turf-type tall fescue genetically engineered to give the look of blue grass ( tall, thin blade with dark green color), but without the high maintenance.  Winning colors is a nationally top ranked blend, which is ideal for Northwest Ohio.  Blue grass (commonly used on many golf courses) is a high maintenance seed, requiring lots of water, fertilizer, and cutting.  Winning Colors gives the look of blue grass but is low maintenance seed requiring less water, fertilizer, and cutting.  It is also drought resistant.  Excellent for sandy soil conditions. 50 LB. BAGS

1-9 BAGS $89.00  10-19 BAGS $81.00


20 0 5 Proscape Fertilizer

Proscape 20 0 5 is a premium zero phosphorus fertilizer combined

with MESA. This combination results in a fertilizer that gives turf

a brilliant rich green color, fast response, and extended feeding.

Each 50 lb. bag covers 10k square feet

$22.99 bag


20 0 7 Proscape Fertilizer w/Trimec

Proscape 20 0 7 is a premium zero phosphorus fertilizer combined with MESA and TRIMEC. Commonly referred to as "weed n feed"

this product is best applied before rain. Each 40 lb. bag covers 10k square feet.



Penn Mulch w/Fertilizer

Penn Mulch is a seed establishment product designed to accelerate new seed grow by adding moisture and starter fertilizer. Penn mulch is applied at 50 lbs per 100 square feet


                                LOCAL SALE ONLY




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